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Bean Zine: cooking in the time of corona


Juliet + Company restaurants are built on simple elegance, a quality that infuses our now  two year old self directed publishing efforts, which span a seasonal magazine and their first cookbook(let), “our market season”. 

In response to the current crisis, the company has doubled down on publishing, working around the clock since March 16 to put in motion a three issue collection of recipes that are anything but elegant...meant to be cooked at home, with the contents of a pantry stocked for quarantine. 

Bean Zine which goes by the alternate titles of cooking in the time of Corona as well as a message for the Homefront is produced by Prospect Tower Observation (the company created to capture all of the company’s publishing efforts), and is billed as existing in an alternate of Juliet MediaVerse. The first line of the first issue states emphatically “we have entered a parallel universe.” 

In company style, Bean Zine is freely available in its electronic format, by joining our media email list, and has the option for a print version for the discerning collector of resistance literature, available for $18

Revenue from the sale of Bean Zine, in either format, is directly funding the company’s commitment to carrying staff wages through unbelievable uncertainty.

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