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Joseph Rinaldi

Service Manager

Joseph Rinaldi grew up just north of Boston, in Lynn and Revere, where he had his earliest experiences in food service and hospitality, working at one of the region’s famed “roast beef counters.” Although Rinaldi would dabble in higher education on his way to discovering the right path, restaurants quickly drew him enthusiastically back. 

Citing the opportunity for immediate professional and personal development, generous mentors, and a general spirit of accomplishment and support, Rinaldi would never stray from restaurants again. Making his way to Peregrine after a stand-out experience at the company’s flagship, Juliet, Rinaldi is a member of the opening leadership team, excited to apply his experience and vision to the development of special and unique programs...passing along the enthusiasm for hospitality and respect and appreciation for mentorship that keep him so firmly rooted in this business. 

Believing firmly in a well rounded life, inside and outside of work, Joseph Rinaldi enjoys the outdoors, and taking the opportunity to learn about and experience the varied cultures of the regional United States (and beyond), and making the most of time spent with friends and family. Before jumping in to take his next steps with Peregrine and Juliet + Company, Rinaldi has taken the time to experience the restaurant industry in forms as varied as those original roast beef counters, to local landmark Legal Seafoods, family run businesses, and the award winning Row 34...where he put to daily practical use the skills of wine service in a friendly and informative manner, drawing on his traditional training at Boston University’s wine studies program.